About Us


Our Company

Moonlight Mattress is a family owned business located in Long Island, NY.  We have been actively involved in the bedding industry for over 20 years and are constantly on the lookout for new and improved manufacturing techniques & refinements in detailed craftsmanship. Throughout our many years in the business we have developed long standing relationships with our suppliers, guaranteeing us the best quality and the most competitive pricing available. And because we are a web based company, we don’t need to pay the overhead expenses for stores, sales personnel, commissions, utilities, or other high operating costs. And the best part is, all these savings are passed on to you. Sweet!

Our Products

At Moonlight Mattress, we are very selective with all the products we sell. We’ve spent years researching mattresses and bedding acccessories so that we may offer our customers a level of comfort beyond their wildest dreams.

And to keep a firm grip on quality control we limit the number of suppliers whose products we sell. This way we can ensure that only the finest materials are used and the highest quality manufacturing procedures are followed.

handcraftedFor example, while most mattress manufacturers save their premium materials (such as precision tacking, higher coil counts and foam encasements) for their high-end models, Moonlight Mattress incorporates all these materials and procedures into every innerspring mattress we offer. So no matter which Moonlight Mattress product you buy,  you know you are getting the finest quality available. What’s more, we lock every mattress layer in place to eliminate shifting and bunching which ensures ultimate quality, durability and lasting comfort.

As for our memory foam mattresses, we consider them to be the best in the business.  Truth is, many top retail mattress companies purchase their foam mattresses from our supplier, but sell them at much higher prices. So why not buy from us…and save!

And though we are always searching for ways to improve our products by means of the latest cutting-edge technology, Moonlight Mattress is still run the old fashioned way; by caring workers who have one thing in mind… your comfort.
And saving you money.
OK, two things.