Wholesale/Contract Division/Hospitality/Retailers

Wholesalers/Contractors/Hospitality Divisions and Retailers can contact us for inquiries about volume discounts and special pricing for all of our products. Email us or call us at 516-499-MOON (6666).

Moonlight Mattress is a full service organization offering you a one-stop shopping experience. Whether you have special sizes, double-sided mattresses, special materials that need to be met, or are just looking for standard products, Moonlight Mattress can assist you in designing a package that works best for you. We can also supply you with your entire accessory and bedding needs.

We Provide:

  •     Competitive wholesale/contract/hospitality division pricing
  •     Custom sizes, materials, double-sided, customized products
  •     Stocked plus made to order products
  •     Full lines of products to Retailers
  •     Plenty of stock to fill emergency orders
  •     A staff member to support your needs
  •     All prices below are minimum suggested retail prices